The Prosperity Team

WHAT WE BELIEVE: The Prosperity Team was started by Kathleen Jaap CPA ( and Jackie Lawson EA (Lawson Business Services) to bring together like minded businesses that have integrity, honesty, values, and believe in a high standard of customer service.


Kathleen and Jackie had a vision of having a strong referral base for every need their client may have. This includes mortgages all the way to where you can get your vehicle repaired.  By serving and not selling to their clients they have developed a strong base and attracted clients with the same like-minded thinking.

The Prosperity Team believes that if a business has a spiritual foundation that their chances of success far exceed those businesses that do not incorporate this foundation. Although they do have clients that do not use this as their model they have found that so many businesses are wanting this aspect but cannot get it from any other CPA/EA Tax Preparer/Bookkeeping team.

The Prosperity Team also believes in a relationship based business. Most all of their clients are clients they would ask to come over for dinner. We  come to your  place of business to get to know what you do and how you do it so we have the ability to meet the client exactly where they are.



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